Amore Bey – Mary Lou (Lyrics)

S/o to my grandmother
mary lou
She 1 of da
Main reasons
That i do
what i do

As a youngn
I had an elder
To guide me thru
This ouu

Mother of 7
From da country
U know how we do

Southern hospitality
This is what
The world


the worlds
Gettn dark
An they hearts
All frozen

When ever
We was down
We would lean
On her shoulder

U know them hard times
When everybody came over

My uncles sippn crown
And they blowin marijuana

Eyes blood red
From the pain
That they holdn

Aunty strung
Out on the streets
Steady rolln

Mary lou
Will alwayz
Love em

Crank et up .
Crank et up
Its time 4 us

To hit em
With that mary lou
Yah fearing wombman

Mama in the kitchen
Granny sayin ouu honey

Palil 4 us all
Have mercy

On us father



Keep Yo Faith (Official Video) by Amore Bey

“Da only way is th right way…”

13love to th most highs & much appreciation for all th support

Filmed By @MoreeseFilms

Produced by Tao Bey & AmaruAlmughty13

Additional Vocals By Jazmon

Seawater Wavez Album Yz13ey + Amore Bey (AmaruAlmighty13)


Produced by AmaruAlmighty13

All album purchases will go into the single mothers fund


“Stay tru to da mission!

Seeing others happy is really what make the journey worth living”

–  Heruankhamun Amore Bey


Much 13Love to da cuzzos Yz13ey & mother Ade Doyah for bringing this project to life. I am truly thankhful for all the 13Love and support.



A lil sum for this hot summer!

Mothaland Amore Bey

A lil sumn for this hot summer!!!

2 Jazzy records with lyrics from the soul. Inspired by the business trip I took last week filled with great times laughter 13Love & good food!!!

Much love and appreciate all the support!

Instrumentals produced by Tao Bey



Yeah music from my soul

Back with da gold 


Tikal let’s go 
Ghetto birds flying

Ambulance sirens 

Demons running wild 

Signs of the times 
Asking for forgiveness.

Da sun gone replenish 

Silence is my girl 

& love is my witness 
She was always there 

& she helped me with da bizness 
So everything I earn 

Going back into da bizness 
Input is output 

So I just shotput 

Track & field 

Gold medal 

Microsoft outlook 
Da data looking good 

Da stats looking good 
Negus juice 

gone be 

On every 

block in da hood
Da hot sun 

On my skin

Feel so good 



Pumping life 

like we should 
To shift da perspective

On the collective 

Focus on the positive 

And balance out the negative 


 keep going n going 

Cant nothing hold u back 

U yo mama sun 

That’s strength 

That’s love

That’s law 

360 windmill 

Vince carter 

with da ahh 
The 10s go up 

with a round of applause 
humble with gratitude 

I’m so thankful for yah 
Had to switch et up 

Roy Jones 


I’m warrior 

I’m a fighter 

dey know 

Exactly who we are 

Asalama lakim

I do this 4 my seastars 
I will protection 

To the righteous 

in Da spiritual war
I’m my brothers keepers 

Man we gone go far 

Star seed records

 sprouting big 

Out the jar  


Keep going going 
Can’t nothing 

U yo mama sun!