Moringa Flow “Lyrics”

Time to turn et up a knotch

Tao bey on th bass

& dem keys supa hot

Amore album coming soon

We coming with dat Fire

Soul jazz harmony

U know how we are

If et is not smooth

We cant bump

In da car

I just take

My time

And record

From my heart .

Reading thru the cepher

book of life life life

Da energy inside

Brings life life life


In sight

If u choose

To live right

Honesty & love

What i give when i write

Cuz i remember dem hard nights

when we aint have no lights

So im thankhful

4 da most highs

Cuz dey

Saved my life

Yah yah

Time 2 turn

Et up a knotch

We can all do better

Lets turn

Et up a knotch

Gotta go

Gotta go

Rise up

Oh yah





Da love

Dont stop

Bounce back

So resilient

Ets a art

Thru da pain

I grew a garden

In da Yard

Seeds planted

Gotta know who u are

Amore soil

Bloom bloom

Wih da love Ayy.

F*** tese haters

Man they ain’t even

Got faith

Lets carry this light

Wit us & light up

This dark place

Et want be eazy

But u know

We gone b3 ok


Southern naga naga

Amore album on da way

I put my soul in this

Share et if u feel this ayy

Tru moor



On moringa


Bout my bizness

Just stickn 2 da plan ayy


Amma plz guide

Us da right way

NO lookn back

Gotta build

For a better day

Da youth are

Da future

Pass down

Da Bread


Da youth are da future gotta pass down this bread 🍞 ayy


Suns Of Sirius (Q&A)



Amore Bey

Suns of Sirius: Good music is always created when the cuzzos link up 13 Righteous Records from the heart w/ that real classic sound is really rare to find these days!

What was the inspiration behind the production? & How long did this project take to create?

In these times what you feed yah mind and listen to has a really big influence on your well being. Explain your songwriting process and the importance of giving your listeners lyrics with substance?


Tao Bey

Suns of Sirius took a good year to finally be completed. During that phase my production was inspired by this mystical feeling I captured seeing the mountains every day. Watching the sunsets and stars become visible after the twilight really helped me have a vision for the direction musically. I see sounds so the sample selection and the drums was like my way of painting what I seen.



Life bro, i hear a beat and immediately my mind is flooded with memories, emotions, words, and flows. With me, once that first line gets written, everything else just flows. I approach the pen and pad only speaking about what i know, my life. 1 situation can be stretched into a million songs or verses. You’ll never have writers block if you’re telling your story, unless you stop living lol. As far as substance, People dont just want to hear, they want to feel, they want to relate, Im very mindful about what i say and how i say things on tracks. Because lines get stuck in your head. Ones emotion on the track sticks with the listeners and if you like a song, you’re gonna press play more than once.when i write I ask myself, am i building or destroying? Like if and when i put battle rap lines in my rhymes, the overall message of the songs or freeverses will ALWAYS be a positive one and leave the listener feeling good.


Production: Inspiration behind production for me would definitely be trying to create something different but familiar to the ear at the same time. Like the melody on “Swords of Sirius” for example, when i first heard that piano i felt like i heard that tune eons ago . Another big thing was trying to create ‘bangers’ but still trying to keep the positive tone, too much low vibing music out there. Song Writing: Substance in lyrics is everything, but everything can be said with a few sweet words. When et comes to process, ets always different.. You do what the instrumental tells you to do, or you start out with a chorus idea and write the subject around that. A lot of the times i would just play off Sun or Jex’ last few words or get ideas from parts of their verse as well.


Sun Sun Da Child

Once I hear the music, if Im feeling et then thats all types of flow, rhyme schemes and 1 liners right there. Most exciting part is when you catch that fire thought from Th Most Highs. Anytime I hear something fire inside my head I know TMHs sent that good thought and Th Ankh them. Like a motivation arrow *bam* just hit you. 1 can only do their best to interpret that energy. Thats when etymology helps alot with watching my mouth and not evoking curses/spells. Sometimes I learn the etymon of a word after a song is done and well, at least is learned from there on out. Fun fact: Ive recently noticed instrumentals with a piano makes me write more. Saxophones and trumpets too but that piano is when I’m in my element. Also walking lol. The importance in giving listeners substance is that is their ear, their muse and their time their lending you. I wouldn’t want to waste that. Look what happened when we lent Unk our ears that 1st time we watched a video. People play too much when et comes to others attention *inserts arthurs fist*. If et aint got enough substance then hold that and let et evolve. As you evolve so will the music. Even if people do settle for anything now a daze. Still those who arent like that, the young stars who are going to outgrow this weak shxt arent like that.

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@TempleOfTikal  @SunSunDaChild  @sirpasser @13lovetao

Artwork by @BaboBey


King Self Upper Hand

Greetings, For those who might not know who is King Self?

I am King Self, a lyrical warrior.


Where are you from?

And How did that name come about?


I come from my mama lol but Altgeld Gardens of Chicago, IL

That’s the Southside.



I’ve had a few different names before I got to King Self. The name just came to me as I was thinking about defining myself and having a deep meaning. There’s many ways to look at King Self per individual perspectives and meanings. Still generally meaning the 1st thing you think of when you hear the name King Self.

The first record I heard was “Don’t lie to me” I instantly got hype & could definitely feel the ether When did you know that you wanted to become a artist?

I’ve always been an artist, but I’ve been writing songs since I was around the age of 13. I made the decision to pursue a career at that same time.

How long have you been recording music?

And where do your songs come from?

After all this time I’ve only just started recording music for a yr or 2 max.  My songs come from all over the place. How I’m feeling or felt, the things I see on this world, things I learn and my memories. When I sit an think about my people, My planet, and everything happening around me it fuels me up! I have such a vast array songs that I know I don’t make any 1 specific kind of song. I have love songs, sad slow, fast turn up workout songs, old school classic vibe, ect.. I love music so much I feel as an anomaly. Soon everyone will know for themselves as well. All my songs come from the heart. …

“Pandoras Box Intro” released over 10months ago And we have all been patiently waiting for this “Upper Hand” album What do you want for your listeners to take from this project?

The most important thing to take from all my songs is the lyrics, flow, and punchlines. Feel the passion, heat and ether vibing on the tracks. Everything is so intricate that I love when people truly know and research. It’s like if I built a pyramid of gold for years to hide treasure an power and gave it to the people. Of course I want people to appreciate my hard work to build a golden pyramid but the real thing is inside. All the real ones know this. I like to speak only in the language of facts, so there’s jewels everyone can get.

Outside of creating amazing music What’s something else that you are good at that we might not expect?

I am good at a whole lot like cooking, fixing, psychology, science and technology Ect.. I’m a computer tech. Anything technology is my thing.

Any shout outs or people you wanna acknowledge?

Yeah! Shout out my Mama, an my peoples! My cousin T.G aka The Guillotine! Together we form “2 Deep In The Game!” Shout out Too Slick, General Banks, Y.V, Dolo G, and all the people I didn’t name! Shout out to Big Unkh an TLC! Sending 13Love an appreciation to all my vibers, cuzos an supporters!! I also want to shout YOU out for doing this interview with me and the support. 13Love always! All praises to The Most Highs! Appreciate yah for taking the time to build with us much 13love and success to all your endeavors Thankh yah!

Upper Hand King Self

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A lil sum for this hot summer!

Mothaland Amore Bey

A lil sumn for this hot summer!!!

2 Jazzy records with lyrics from the soul. Inspired by the business trip I took last week filled with great times laughter 13Love & good food!!!

Much love and appreciate all the support!

Instrumentals produced by Tao Bey


Th King Behind The Sound Hummingbird Out Now!!!!

That “Mama Sun Still Shining” has been on repeat you definitely got the gift.


Where are you from?


Haha I appreciate that. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

(spiral up)

What got you into music & how long have you been producing?


My interest in music was sparked by my grandfather. As a child I spent a lot of time at his house and he was always listening to and playing classical music on the piano. Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Mozart, and much more. You name it, my grandfather had the tapes and the sheet music. Around age 4 he began to teach me how to play the piano and thus my journey as a musician began.

I have been producing for about 13-14 years now.

(spiral up)

You can literally play your soundcloud catalogue from top to bottom without a skip. Where does the inspiration come from? Any advice for the upcoming producers?


Inspiration comes from my experiences in life and how they make me feel. You can view my catalogue of music as a journal of feelings. Feelings that are present in the moment of creation which are captured in a musical context. If I’m feeling extra radiant one day I may make a beat like “Mama Sun Still Shinin”. If I am in a mellow mood I may make a track like “The Calm”. Or if I am looking to portray a message that I feel is important I may make a track like “Bee U Beautiful”. This is all dependent upon how I feel.


My advice to the upcoming producer is to simply create from your heart. Don’t worry about what other producers are doing or how their beats sound. Don’t worry about what sounds and samples this other guy uses. Focus on what you like… The sound that ignites that passionate fire within you when you hear it. And don’t get to worried about having the best equipment. Utilize what you have and get creative. That’s the key. I’ve made plenty of amazing beats with just a laptop and the QWERTY keyboard lol.


(spiral up)

How did the naga studio come about


As a producer a lot of my friends that were into writing songs often contacted me to make instrumentals for them. In high school my friends had a music group that consisted of 1 singer and 3 rap artists. I started off producing for them but I eventually picked up a pen and began to create lyrics of my own. As we progressed and began to invest more time in writing music, we had a constant need to be in a studio. To make a long story short, the recording studios around Cleveland loved to either take a long time to deliver one song or even cancel our studio sessions on the count of a more ‘popular’ artist wanting studio time. In fact, this happened so often that I decided to take matters in my own hands. I invested in a microphone and Protools spending countless hours learning the craft of mixing. The first official project I mixed & mastered was a R&B album that had its feature played on the major hip-hop and R&B radio station in Cleveland, Ohio. At the CD release party I had multiple artists reaching out saying that they liked the sound and asked if I offered mixing/mastering services. This was the birth of Naga Studio 13

(spiral up)

When is your favorite time to create/ How long did it take for you to put this “humming bird”  masterpiece together? the tracklist titles are amazing


I love to create any time before noon but my favorite time to create is around 10pm. When I’m really in my zone that session will go well into the early hours of the a.m. That melanin magik baby! haha

It took me about 3 months to finish Hummingbird. Once I had the concept in my mind I just created with the intention to convey that concept. From there the creative energy just flows.

Stream th king behind the beats Hummingbird masterpiece on his site & spiral up