Do you know how important it is to just give yourself the time to reflect and readjust?
Reflection has incredibly profound grounding effects in life. Taking time to relax and reflect gives you that special time to really reevaluate mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Then plan the best possible action to go forward.
Taking a well deserved moment to reflect also allows you to give thanks for everything you have in your life and everything you have been blissed with recently. How can you keep up with the day to day events of life, if you don’t take a moment to give thanks for the continuous abundance that the most highs provide.
Giving thanks and praise to the creators goes deeper then it seems on the surface, being thankful and grateful for everything you have changes your energy into a continuous spiral of thankfulness, the universe knows what to bring you next and only delivers unto you what you want and need. Mentally giving thanks every day, reminds you to be grateful for the things you have in your life and that you do not have it has hard as others. It reminds you to give when you can and constantly grounds you. Reminding you, that you are loved, cared for and cherished.
Taking a moment of reflection allows you to readjust your plans. So that you can take the best possible action going forward. Encouraging you to be constantly focused  and when things change your ready no matter what life throws at you.
Remember above all to stay patient cross your T’s and dot your I’s. You’re ready for this, you can do this, divine intervention and righteousness is on your side. So take some time for reflection and  focus, apply yourself and nothing can stop you!
Most Highs, Hashem and Amma Mama,
Thank yah for everything you have brought to me in my life,
Thank yah for everything I have and everything I do not have,
Thank yah for never forsaking me and granting me your continuous mercy,
Thank yah for creating me and giving me this fine beautiful new day,
Thank yah for giving me the ability to grow and recognise my mistakes,
I know everything you put in my life is a blissing for me to grow better
with your everlasting love 13
Thank yah for everything 13