Are you in tune with your survival skills?

Have you ever thought about how much we rely on technology, electricity and fossil fuels recently? You couldn’t heat or cool your home without gas or electricity. You couldn’t buy food from the supermarket if, there we’re no petrol available to transport it to your favorite shops. We rely heavily on such limited resources and our planet suffers fast because of it.
Being self sustainable is a great way to save energy and teach yourself survival skills, should anything bad happen in the future. Being self sustainable is not only empowering but it means that you are more then capable of living off grid should you decide that city life is just not for you.You can start by doing small things at home like;

Going Wifi Free

Why would you go wifi free? Well you don’t need to be wifi free all the time, but spend at least 2 hours a day with your router switched off and your phone on airplane mode. Not only does this turn off radiation emissions from your devices, it also gives you the chance to reflect and try doing something else for 2 hours a day, instead of being glued to a screen.

Using Solar Power

Use solar powered things instead of using traditional electricity. Solar panels are more affordable then ever and once they are installed on a sunny roof top or in your garden, it can cover all if not majority of your electric bills. You can buy solar powered chargers, lights and even roof tiles so each panel absorbs and converts the sun’s energy. Saves money and the environment at such as small cost.

Alternative Energy Sources

These days you have a wide range of alternative energy sources to choose from, wind energy or turbines, kinetic energy which is the energy of movement. There are many things available now such as pedal push portable washing machines and hand pump phone chargers you can find all these energy saving creations on places like indigogo and kickstart.Which leads me to my next point.


Think Outside Of The Box

There are many innovative devices people are coming up with now that not only save money, but allows you to be so much more resourceful and sustainable with out the help of big corporations. For example do you love honey? Do you know there are places you can purchase your own bee hives which has a tap attached to it, you leave the bees to get on with their life while all the excess honey they make drips into a container or jar just for you.
Becoming self sustainable is easier then ever as more inventors and off grider’s decide to create devices to get more and more people thinking about themselves and the planet.


Growing Your Own Food

Learning to grow your on food is paramount when preparing to live off grid. All the food we buy is sourced from external retailers and big corporations. Ready prepared or harvested food not only deteriorates in quality but it doesn’t teach us to grow and harvest food ourselves.

Growing food teaches you about the seasons on the planet and how to use these seasons to your advantage is important when living off grid. Learning plant identification is important to, there is an abundance of shop bought food growing naturally around you.

Mental Cleansing & Preparing To Living Off Grid

Being prepared and not scared. It’s better to say no to electricity before it’s forcefully taken away from you. You can already see that the planet resources are depleting, wildlife and trees are dying. Soon will come a time where having this kind of knowledge will be mandatory. Cleanse yourself mentally, by always considering the Eco-friendly way to do something. Cleanse yourself mentally by trying to teach yourself how to do things instead of letting big corporations do everything for you. Take the control out of their hands.

Preparing to live off grid is so fulfilling and liberating. Always think outside of the box and eventually their will be nothing concerning the system that will ever worry or effect you.