Ladies let your natural beauty shine

Not enough of us question the diligence of the female mind, to continuously re balance and renew ourselves daily. With the right guidance, we can all learn to embrace our natural beauty. Women like all living things are made in g-ds image divine, sacred and pure. We women naturally embrace what is put in front of us, we have the power to influence everyone we encounter.

Peer pressure makes women feel like we need to look a certain way to be presentable or accepted. Natural beauty is never represented in the media, subconsciously making us feel like being natural isn’t beautiful. Peer pressure makes us all want to fit in. Fake nails, fake bottom, fake hair, eyebrows, eyelashes. We are addicted to altering the way we look, to feel more acceptable to ourselves and society.

A lot of the need to wear makeup is out of insecurities, the truth is we are not happy internally, therefore, we look out for external happiness. The truth is your g-d given beauty can never be truly validated by anyone else but you. You have to learn to love and accept you, deeply within your heart.

Don’t rely on makeup to give you a confidence boost, societies standards of beauty are warped. Pure beauty comes in many different shades, shapes, and sizes, natural beauty is imperfect and true beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

So why don’t we embrace our natural beauty? Why are there less and less completely natural sisters, with real hair, real nails, and eyebrows. When did we tell ourselves that, what we are is not good enough? Sisters, it’s time to bring natural back into fashion. It’s time to let go of societies false beliefs of beauty in today’s modern age. You don’t need makeup to be beautiful, you don’t need makeup to face the world. You are absolutely gorgeous just you are.

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Thandi from @OSHUNNYC photo by Zay

Embracing Your Natural Self

Stop being so hard on yourself, give your natural beauty a chance to shine. These are the ways I’ve found it’s easiest to go permanently go makeup free and love myself more everyday.

Ways To Transition To Being Completely Natural

  • Instead of working on covering up your scars or blemishes (bad health) why not work on using natural makeup and natural remedies to enhance and recover your natural glow.
  • This might seem self-centred but put beautiful pictures up of yourself and your family to remind you, you are always loved and accepted just the way you are. It’s also important to see yourself regularly instead of images of other people.
  • Make sure there’s at least 2 mirrors in your bedroom or bathroom, one full length, and another close up. You want to study yourself including your body, every slight imperfection and how your going to love, to accept and to heal your body inside and out. 
  • Almost every scar, blemish or uneven tone and be fixed with herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Taken internally and applied topically to your skin.
  • Work on your internal health to see results on your external body. Believe me, you will see results.
  • If you need to transition slowly why not consider natural makeup made from fruit/veg pigments and only consider using makeup that’s actually good for you while you wear it.
  • Accept your flaws, it’s ok to feel ugly sometimes we can’t feel perfect all the time because we’re human.The moment we start to accept ourselves just the way we are, is better, don’t let other people put pressure on you to keep up appearances.

Remember you don’t need to wear make up to feel strong and confident enough to face the world. Embracing your natural self is about letting go of false beliefs that your natural hair, face and nails is not good enough. Loving your natural roots is embracing your truest self. That’s all the strength and confidence you need dwelling within you.

When you shine brightly from the inside, it shows on the outside.