Adversities Into Assets

Being confident in your abilities can change your life for the better every day. To manifest the things you want in your life, you need to be able to believe you can do whatever you set your mind to, within your heart and soul.

First and foremost, when it comes to creativity or something you have expressed and created from the innermost part of yourself, it is never wrong or not good enough. If you know you have an amazing skill at drawing or art, believe in the abilities the most highs gave you. Never convince yourself it’s not good enough. Everything we do in life is a gradual process.

Cherishing the gifts and abilities the most highs gave you is not only honoring the most highs but also honoring yourself. Manifesting more confidence in your daily life can be done in many small ways, here are some actions that make a big difference to your confidence in everything you do;

Repetition works like the most highs magic. Our brain and body are built to memorize and absorb through repetition. As soon as we start to give ourselves a chance to gradually grow and perfect our craft. You never get things exactly right the first time, as you try and try again you find yourself getting more skilled at what you’re doing. This shows how having patience with yourself increases confidence and self-belief.

Being focused is essential in building self-belief, this is because when your deeply focused, You naturally become more organized at what you do. A good way of increasing focus is managing one task at a time instead of several. Start a routine, where you dedicate time to your craft and increasing your g-d given abilities. Make sure before you go to bed, you always have a plan for  what your going to do the next day.

Time Management
This leads onto good time management. Making sure you work on your craft while including your palils, getting sun, meditating and reading. This helps you re-calibrate the important things in life helping you to remain balanced.

Communicating With People & Transmuting Negativity
Your going to face adversities, you might get turned down or rejected. But it’s still important to keep going and turn your adversities into assets. Communicating with people is so important for your confidence and self-belief, connecting with like-minded people not only help you learn more about your craft and skill, but you also learn from others too.

An old Jamaican proverb is ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’.

On this journey of life, there will be many obstacles that we face as righteous beings. Don’t let having a lack of confidence and self-belief be one of them.